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Administration Information Systems (iCIT) UW-Whitewater

The Instructional, Communication and Information Technology (ICIT) division is excited about internship opportunities for qualified individuals in the Administration Information Systems (AIS) department. The successful individuals will be introduced to a wide range of technologies such as Oracle/PeopleSoft – Peoplecode, PL/SQL, SQR, JAVA, .Net, and XML. In addition, they will be developing applications in the WINS System, which is an Oracle/PeopleSoft – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Necessary Skills/Qualifications:

1.       Must be at least a second semester Junior or above in class ranking

2.       Must be able to work a minimum of 15 – 20 hours/week

3.       Understand SQL

4.       Understand Object Oriented programming

5.       Must be a self-motivated

6.       Strong trouble-shooting skills

7.       Strong ability to learn and self-teach new programming languages and new tool-sets



1.       Gain knowledge and experience of ERP systems working in a collaborative environment

2.        Get ahead of your peers with new programming languages and new tool-set

3.       Fully paid internship


Interested individuals should contact:

Director of Administration Information Systems
UW-Whitewater / iCIT
800 W. Main St.
Whitewater WI 53190